Why Define? Why Buti Yoga?


In 2013, I opened DEFINE fitness on a wing and a prayer as a barre studio. Oh, how times have changed!  In May of 2014, I made a last minute decision to hop a plane to Austin to get certified in Buti Yoga, it was a life changer for me.  After a few months, my love for this movement was undeniable.  Buti Yoga allowed me to be creative with movement and music and it sparked a passion in me.  I was the first certified instructor in Louisiana and I’m so happy I was able to spark that passion in my friends, Molly L. and Molly T. The confidence, strength and self-love I found as a result of this practice is unbelievable.  The added bonus is the fun, sweat, music and tribal dance!

In the fall of 2016, I decided to close my studio space but to keep inspiring other women by offering these classes around town.  I currently have classes in Mid-City at Violet Lotus Studio.  I hosted a community Buti Yoga in the Park series on Saturdays in October and hope to repeat it in the spring.  This new freedom of not managing a studio while teaching and working full-time as a CFO has allowed me time to focus on me and my practice.  I now take time to experience new things, Tribal Belly-Dancing, and take classes with other instructors in town.

If I inspire at least one person to love, accept and be themselves, I have done my job.  After all, that is the reason I named my studio DEFINE and continue to teach under that name.  It has absolutely nothing to do with toning or muscle definition (that’s an added bonus) but empowering you to be your best you and define yourself inside and out.

My hope is to empower more women to love and accept themselves right here in this moment.  Let go of your fear and be free to move, love, bond in sisterhood and of course, try Buti Yoga.

Namaste & Namaslay…Dana